WOMENS-symbolThroughout history, women have made their mark in a wide variety of ways.  Each Saturday I plan to highlight one of these remarkable women.  There will be no limit to the areas of history that I may include; however, as a guide, I will look to the month of their birth, the month of their death or the month associated with their mark in history when I select them.  Is there an outstanding woman in history you would like me to include?  I welcome your suggestions.  Would you like to guest blog one of the world’s outstanding women?  Let me hear from you.  Here are my posts so far in alphabetical order.

Harriet Charmers Adams

Madeleine Albright

American Women Were Codebreakers Too

Susan B. Anthony

Dr. Virginia Apgar

Jane Austen

Colonel Florence Blanchfield

Erma Bombeck

Catherine Booth

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Annie Jump Cannon

Coco Chanel

Marie Curie

Ella Cara Deloria

Daphne du Maurier

Amelia Earhart

Famous Woman of World War Two

Fannie Farmer

Anne Frank

Dr. Karen Gaffney

Martha Gellhorn

Miep Gies

Winifred Goldring

Florence Griffith Joyner

Saint Joan of Arc

Megan Kanka

Helen Keller

Grandma Moses

Florence Nightingale

Michelle Obama

Sandra Day O’Connor

Danica Patrick

Sally Ride

Eleanor Roosevelt

J.K. Rowling

Mary Shelley

Kate Smith

Lady Diana Spencer/ Princess of Wales

P.L. Travers

United States Women’s National Soccer Team

Alice Stebbins Wells

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Joanne Woodward

Babe Didrikson Zaharias

The Women of Bletchley Park

The Women of the Manhattan Project

W is for Women in the Armed Services

A Woman Called Mother





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  1. Hi! We’re here thanks to Robert Horvat at If it Happened Yesterday, It’s History. He said we’d love your blog and he’s right! We also write about fabulous women and history, primarily around the U.S. Civil War. All from the voice of Louisa May Alcott. Would love you to stop by suffragettekitty.com,

    p.s. we keep meaning to highlight Coco Chanel. We love her, xo LMA


  2. […] impossible of course, but you really should have a look through her archives. She also posts about The World’s Outstanding Women (WOW) and she has done the A-to-Z Challenge two years in a row. Throughout her blog she also makes posts […]


  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing… http://www.lisabuiecollard.com


  4. Rocky Cookus says:

    Wow, Great site! Please add Virginia Hall to your WOW list.


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