I have always been fascinated with history and little known facts are all the more intriguing. Like many people today, I find it more and more difficult to find time to do much reading for pleasure. In this blog, I hope to pluck little historical facts out of various resources and present them on the calendar date today based on the significant date in history.


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  1. gpcox says:

    I love looking for those little known facts and I know a lot of other people who enjoy reading them as well. Sounds like a great idea for a blog. Pleased to meet you.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking. I’m looking forward to reading your historical gems! 🙂


    • Thanks. My husband and I have been building a family tree on Ancestry.com for a few years now but I love the way you have turned yours into stories posted here. I recently started a WordPress blog that tells my father’s WWII story that he never told since he passed away when I was a child.


  3. Bams Triwoko says:

    Hi there… glad to connect and interact with you… 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best wishes to you.


  4. moi says:

    Thanks for following my blog


  5. annisik51 says:

    You should develop insomnia – you’ll increase your reading time no end! Ann 🙂


  6. The Chain Writing Game has a FB page facebook.com/pages/The-Chai…


  7. […] Photo © MaryAnn Holloway […]


  8. […]                         © MaryAnn Holloway […]


  9. ContactRida says:

    i look forward to exploring your blog. i love those little known nuggets of intrigue…


  10. hi there! i love this blog! 🙂 x


  11. latash72 says:

    HI and thanks so much for visiting my site! Glad you liked the story. Your blog is so cool and quite unique. I especially love The World’s Outstanding Women. I will definitely come back for a visit.
    Thanks again.


  12. Kate Loveton says:

    I’m glad I’ve stumbled across your blog. I’m a bit of a history geek. 😀 You’ve got a nice place here… think I’ll visit often.


  13. Lex Solo says:

    One cannot understand the present without understanding the past. Great site 🙂


  14. Beautiful blog, and I love that you are sharing your family’s history and that of others with us.


  15. 4wallsnaroof says:

    Wonderful blog. Glad I came across it. My father was an MP in England during WWII. I get very excited when I find anything regarding his service on Ancestry.com. He passed away over 20 years ago and I’m very sorry I never bugged him more about sharing his stories.


    • I think the regrets over loved ones stories is all too common. There is a big push to document WW2 living history because soon it will be gone forever. A few years ago, my brother-in-law made a living history interview with my mom and her immigration to the US. We’ll have it forever and it was special to have it shown during her viewing when she passed this year.

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  16. I have nominated you for The Versatile Bloggers Award – http://14weeksworthofsocks.com/2015/05/12/the-versatile-bloggers-award/ – you don’t need to do anything with this if you don’t wish to, but I wanted to let others know what a great blog you have.


  17. What a fresh and clever idea. This is going to be fun.


  18. Sue Bandeen says:

    Your poem ‘Iron Bottom Bay’ is complete.
    I have a copy which was my Dad’s.
    He was one of the wounded survivors of the USS ASTORIA CA-34.
    I do have other info to share, if interested.

    Thank You for keeping our military history alive!
    Sue Bandeen


  19. Hope Player says:

    Hi Maryann, I enjoy your blog posts. In your A to Z Challenge of books, may I recommend one for you? The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly Ring is the story of a woman who discovers that her mother was friends with Eva Braun when they young and lonely in Nazi Germany. The book is “A Novel of Legacies that Outlast War.” I hope you enjoy it.


  20. calensariel says:

    Thanks for the follow, Maryann. 🙂


  21. Rob says:

    I am interested in the map you have posted that shows LZ Carol and Hamburger Hill. I am a game designer and I would like to request permission to use it.


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