Today I am participating in Song Lyric Sunday again.  You can join or read the posts of others at that link.  Today’s theme is songs in film.

To help me choose, I consulted Ranker and discovered that two Academy Award winning songs were from the same move title but forty-two years apart.  This being Evergreen by Barbara Streisand from 1976 and Shallow by Lady Gaga, et al in 2018.

Let’s explore each of these songs and the movies that gave them birth (Pun intended).

“Shallow” is a song from the 2018 film A Star Is Born, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, written by Gaga with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt, and produced by Gaga with Benjamin Rice. It is heard three times in the film, most prominently during a sequence when Cooper’s character Jackson Maine invites Gaga’s character Ally to perform it onstage with him.  The scene was filmed in front of a live audience at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. It received various accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Original Song, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Song, as well as four Grammy Awards.  Artist: Lady Gaga, Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando  Date Recorded: 2018  Albums: A Star Is Born  Producer: Lady Gaga, Benjamin Rice.

I enjoyed this film tremendously.  It is a very sad story and communicated the premise that when a star is born it is brilliant and overwhelming but at the same time, another must fade. It was a true metaphor for today’s superstar could be tomorrow’s has been.  Everyone knows that this story is a remake.  The 2018 version is the fourth since 1937.  The others were 1937 starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason and in 1976 with Barbara Stresiand and Kris Kristofferson.  For the latest version with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, I was drawn into the story and I believed the chemistry between these two actors.  Their performance at the Oscars was one of the best I’ve ever seen so I chose to use it in my post today.  I do not own the rights to this video or the lyrics.

Shallow song lyrics found on pinterest site EclecticBoHo

In 1976, the film, A Star is Born won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Evergreen” with the award shared by its songwriters, Streisand and Paul Williams.  I watched this film after my recent enjoyment of the 2018 version.  I may have seen it previously, but I am not sure.  It is generally the same story but is  presented within the context of the mid-1970s.  In this film, Barbara Streisand’s character is depicted as winning a Grammy and in reality, she won a Grammy for Song of the Year for Evergreen.  The video below is a live performance more recent than the 1970s.  I do not own the rights to it or the lyrics.  For me, Barbara Streisand was a star that was born but will never fade.

Love soft as an easy chair
Love fresh as the morning air
One love that is shared by two
I have found with you
Like a rose under the April snow
I was always certain love would grow
Love ageless and evergreen
Seldom seen by two
You and I will
Make each night the first
Everyday a beginning
Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearsed
They warm and excite us
‘Cause we have the brightest love
Two lights that shine as one
Morning glory and midnight sun
Time, we’ve learned to sail above
Time, won’t change the meaning of one love
Ageless and ever, evergreen
Source: LyricFind

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  1. I really liked your music today and there is something that is so lovable about Barbra Streisand.


  2. John Holton says:

    “A Star Is Born” has been through so many iterations, including the lookalike “The Rose.” A couple of good ones here!