This month in the April A to Z Challenge, I am posting about books, fiction, and nonfiction that are about or set in the Second World War.  The war and the people who experienced it have stories to tell and these stories are so overwhelming they lend themselves to greatness.  I encourage you to sample some of these stories.  I promise you will not regret taking the time.  To help me develop an alphabetical list for this challenge, I used  Did you know that there are more than 883 fiction and 480 nonfiction books in this genre on the website’s Listopia as voted on by members?  That is a lot of stories and facts just waiting for us to explore.


Well, we have arrived at X and I have nothing.  For my posts, I’ve used the top 100 from two lists (Fiction and Nonfiction) as voted by members of and for X, I stretched it further by looking through the top 200 with no result.  What could I do but switch to another genre of posts I had done a few years ago called History from the Small Screen.  You can read others in this genre here.

Though it aired on Canadian televison CBC from 2015 through 2017 and is currently finished, it has recently been introduced in the United States on cable television channel, Ovation and my husband and I are big fans.  Season 1 just finished and season 2 is set to air in May.  Set in the dangerous era of World War II, “X Company” follows the stories and adventures of five highly skilled young recruits as they are torn from their lives to train as agents at a secret training facility on the shores of Lake Ontario called Camp X. The agents risk torture or death in each operation, and it is up to them to navigate out of situations where no rules apply. The agents parachute behind enemy lines where anything is fair game, and sabotage, deception, and glamour are part of everyday life. It is an original story about spy craft and the heroes that led the charge to change the world.  You can view the website for the series HERE

Though fiction, was there a group like X Company operating during the Second World War?  The answer is Yes.  This video is a historical walk-through of Camp X and tells the tale of the top secret base through the eyes of an agent-in-training. Discover more about this real location, now demolished, that trained spies from Europe and North America and was instrumental in turning the tide for the Allies during the war.

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    We get Ovation here. I’m going to have to check this out. Sounds like something his nibs and I would love.

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