On May 5, 1961, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, Navy Commander Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. was launched into space aboard the Freedom 7 space capsule, becoming the first American astronaut to travel into space. The suborbital flight, which lasted 15 minutes, 28 seconds and reached a height of 116 miles into the atmosphere, was a major triumph for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


In June 1961, Laurie Records issued a 45 rpm single featuring William Allen and Orchestra entitled “Space Flight Freedom 7.” It consisted of recreations of the tower to astronaut communications spoken over an instrumental backing.


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  1. GP Cox says:

    I was allowed to stay home from school back in those days to watch the launches on TV.


  2. John Holton says:

    And nary a mention of Cinco de Mayo…