The Coronation of Henry VIII

The Coronation of Henry VIII

On June 24, 1509, King Henry VII was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey

Name: King Henry VIII
Born: June 28, 1491 at Greenwich Palace
Parents: Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
Relation to Elizabeth II: 12th great-granduncle
House of: Tudor
Ascended to the throne: April 21, 1509 aged 17 years
Crowned: June 24, 1509 at Westminster Abbey
Married: (1) Catherine of Aragon 1509-1533 Divorced
(2) Anne Boleyn 1533-1536 Beheaded
(3) Jane Seymour 1536-1537 Died
(4) Anne of Cleves 1540 Divorced
(5) Catherine Howard 1540-1542 Beheaded
(6) Catherine Parr 1543-1547 Survived
Children: Three legitimate who survived infancy; Mary, Elizabeth and Edward, and at least one illegitimate child Henry Fitzroy.
Died: January 28, 1547 at Whitehall Palace, London, aged 55 years, 7 months,
Buried at: Windsor
Reigned for: 37 years, 9 months, and 7 days
Succeeded by: his son Edward VI

Source: Royal Family History

In case you need some assistance knowing the order of the British Monarchy, here is a song.


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  1. Birgit says:

    I have to listen to this song. I like the point by point style and didn’t know about the one illegitimate child of which i am sure he had more. At least Catherine Parr survived the old bugger:)