On June 10, 1935, a New York broker and an Ohio physician founded Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.).  Their names are anonymous but through their 12-step rehabilitation program, they helped themselves and millions of people.


The program is based on psychological techniques that are administered through guided group discussion and confession with reliance on a “higher power,” and a gradual return to sobriety.  The organization functions through local groups and there are over 80,000 with almost two million members in the United States.  There are no formal rules except for anonymity.  There are no officers and no dues.  Anyone with a drinking problem can join.  The format of this program that began 80 years ago has been the pattern adopted for other addition support groups as well.



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  1. A program that has helped many people have a better life.


  2. Birgit says:

    Such a great program and from this program more have been developed for people suffering from other addictions. Now we need one for people who suffer from Compulsive spending