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The Assignment: The idea of Photo Fiction is to write a story of around 100-200 words (which is also called Flash Fiction) based on a photo as a prompt. In this particular photo fiction, the story must be based on the photo below.

In my post for the prompt this week, I present a letter between two characters who I introduced in my short story which had been selected for publication by the Short Story and Flash Fiction Society.  To read about this publication, Reunions or to purchase the digital book for only $2.99, click here.  My research for today’s post also lead me to a subject I will present in this year’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge this April, V is for V-Mail.  Please enjoy and A Letter From Home.


Credit: Al Forbes

Credit: Al Forbes

February 15, 1943

Seaman 1C John K. Thomas

USS Hornet (CV-12)

A.P.O. 83 c/o Postmaster

San Francisco, California

My Dearest Jack,

I was able to get two more sheets of V-mail stationary today. I couldn’t wait to come home and write to you. I hope my letter finds you well. These days all that I do is think about you. Writing helps me to feel closer to you. Yesterday was our first Valentine’s Day apart and it was bittersweet. My girlfriends helped me through as many of them are experiencing the same loneliness. We took a train to the coast but it may have been poor planning. A storm was coming and the Atlantic Ocean was rough. In the cold February temperatures, the spray from the surf was chilling. When we walked out near the lighthouse, the ocean roared up in a violent wave and crashed the shore. I never saw water so high before. I know it sounds like I didn’t enjoy the outing but I did. Over lunch we talked about our plans for the future and passed along everything about our men. Well not everything. I am looking forward to your next letter.

 Love always,


11 responses

  1. Birgit says:

    How many letters did pass through like this one. Very well done and emotional


  2. Steve Lakey says:

    When you’re far from home, even ordinary news seems important!


  3. high five and raspberries says:

    Wonderfully done. So many lives put on hold for us..


  4. Very nice! I really liked the, “well, not everything.” Haha! I enjoyed reading the letter.


  5. The “well not everything” made me smile. But it is a tragedy that so many lives were halted in a such a way.


  6. Valentine’s Day must be lonely for soldiers out on patrol. Nice story.


  7. Oh Danny Boy says:

    Letter writing is fast becoming a lost art. Sad!