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Welcome to Haibun Thinking. A weekly writing challenge to create verse, prose and haiku using prompts from all areas of art including – but not limited to – movies, songs, art, photography etc.  It is all explained at the link above.  Visit the link above to submit your haibun and read others.  If you don’t know how to write the form haibun, there is information about it at the link above too.

This week is movie week and we are also provided with a photograph.  Choose between the movie quote (above link) and the photograph.  I have chosen to use the photograph.  Please enjoy The Painted Street.

© Arthur Browne

© Arthur Browne

“Mom are we supposed to dream in color?”


“Last night I dreamt that you were driving me to school and nothing was familiar but everything was in every color of the rainbow.”

“That’s nice Kim.”

“So are we?”

“Are we what? Listen Kim I don’t have time for this today. I need to concentrate on the road because we are being detoured.”

“Ok mommy. The colorful dream became a nightmare but you didn’t hear me last night either.”

Sharon drove the car in a series of turns directed by the detour signs. Soon she and her daughter were in an unfamiliar part of the county. The roadway was at a slight incline and both sides were lined with buildings in every color imaginable.

“It’s just like my dream. The colorful buildings.”

“What do you mean Kim?”

“Remember I told you I dreamt of this last night. We drove passed all the pretty buildings and came to the tower. OH NO THE TOWER.”

Kids have much to say
They speak of dreams and nightmares
Their words may save you


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  1. Birgit says:

    This is chilly! I wonder what will be in that tower