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The Assignment: The idea of Photo Fiction is to write a story of around 100-200 words (which is also called Flash Fiction) based on a photo as a prompt. In this particular photo fiction, the story must be based on the photo below.


Credit: Al Forbes


Rick looked over at his wife expecting to see the disappointment he saw every year. This ridiculous annual neighborhood house decorating competition usually ended with Carol’s disappointment and a series of arguments for the week that followed. The arguments began before Halloween and started with Carol’s constant nagging. Lately, he and Carol seemed to argue all the time.

“Let’s go home Rick.”

Rick was grateful that this year wasn’t their year to host the post competition party. He could go home and put it behind him for another year.

“For once I wish that you would get the materials I need when I ask for them instead of leaving it to the last minute. Again this year, our decorating was thrown together in a hurry and it looked it.”

She wouldn’t let up. She complained all the way home while Rick stayed silent.


The following year, Rick left the Halloween party carrying a big trophy. Carol had been right about getting the materials well in advance. Actually Rick began the decorating plans on the night of last year’s competition. Too bad Carol wasn’t around to hear all their neighbors comment on the authenticity of the skeleton in the shed.


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  1. Al says:

    Although I am not back to blogging, I noticed you hadn’t added your post to the linkup, so I checked it and sorting it two weeks ago, I had the dates wrong, so I have fixed it now and the inlinkz now works 🙂

    I love this story – I actually laughed out loud with it 😀


  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Nicely done. Just the right twist of the macabre.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  3. J. Raven says:

    Excellent building and ending Maryann! Loved the subtlety of the horror 😉


  4. a gray says:

    Gruesome. It gave me a shiver . . . or was it just the ambient room temperature?.


  5. Steve Lakey says:

    Great twist! Be careful what you wish for… 🙂


  6. Birgit says:

    ooooh I knew she was going to get something but I didn’t think she was going to be part of the décor-great story


  7. Great ending. I think it’s funny he kept up with the decorating, although maybe that was just as a screw-you to her. 🙂


  8. Oh Dear, I didn’t get it until I read the comments. This is hilarious!


  9. Ellespeth says:

    Oops! They both got what they wanted in the end 😛


  10. Sheila says:

    Love the dark bent all we humans harbor. Great job.