Each Friday on Twitter we are invited to tweet stories in 140 characters or less under the hashtag #FP for @FridayPhrases. There is always an optional theme. There are many one tweet stories of which I’ve participated often. Sometimes someone will post several tweets for #fp and the tweets are all part of the same story. I decided to try it this week. Today’s optional theme was ANOTHER 365. It brings up the idea of the ending of one year and the start of a new but I decided to turn it into a science fiction political drama. Please enjoy my offering in 140 characters or less per post.

Gordon lined up on December 31st to learn his fate. The line was long as in other years. ANOTHER 365 was a way of life now.

Thounsands left ANOTHER 365 screaming, crying or shouting with joy. Gordon had hours to wait. Had anyone ever escaped?

This is Gordon’s first year waiting alone. Last year he earned ANOTHER 365 but Maria hadn’t. Looking around he saw strangers.

Charlatans rampant on this last day. Do those coins or potions guarantee ANOTHER 365? Gordon wondered if he should part with cash.

Gordon checked his cash balance.The swarmy sceamers began to hover. They smell fear. ANOTHER 365 day is their Black Friday.

A young woman behind him tapped his shoulder and whispered, “Don’t trust them.” “Join our ANOTHER 365 underground instead.”

“Underground?”, said Gordon. “I’m Cheri. Wait 5 minutes, then follow where I go.” “We fight the ANOTHER 365 bureaucracy. Join us.”

Gordon exited the ANOTHER 365 building through a door that opened on a sparce woods. He could see Cheri ahead on a gravel path.

Catching up with Cheri, Gordon looked all around. 100 yards into the woods, they entered the camp of the ANOTHER 365 underground.

“First Will has to accept you into the underground. Just follow my lead.” “Will has been around since before the ANOTHER 365.”

“Another recruit, Cheri? What does he offer the ANOTHER 365 underground?” “Showed the give up signs. Nearly paid the cash scams.”

“Did your folks teach you about A365?” asked Will.“My abbreviation.” “My dad met his fate before my birth and my mom 2 years later.”

“Gordon you have a lot to learn about ANOTHER 365 before you join the underground.”Intrigued, Gordon took a seat among the recruits.

“Years ago life ended as a result of illness or misfortune.Before A365, life wasn’t a lottery. I survived 10 A365s before hiding.”

As the recruits made their choice, Gordon approached Will. He had more questions. “Can you tell me about the A365’s progress?”

“The A365 underground has two goals: (1) sabotage, (2) infiltration. In November, 2 of us were elected to political office.”

“Less successful in sabotage.We’ve sabotaged some A365 lottery machines; however the machines are in every city. Little impact.”

“What kind of work would I do with the A365 underground?” “In orientation you’ll complete a skills survey and be assigned.”

Having made his choice, Gordon looked for Cheri. He completed the survey taking the 1st step towards his new life in the A365.

“Will would like to see you,” said Cheri.“He got excited after he read your survey.” “In all my time in A365, it’s a first for me.”

“Finance and politics Gordon?” “I am a CPA and come from a long line of politicians.” “The A365 can use your skills and connections.”

“Our insiders send information from the government. We need to use the financial information to the best of the A365’s advantage.”

“What do you hope is in this financial data?” “The financial backing for the ANOTHER 365 bureaucrats.” “They’ve alluded us so far.”

“There is an EFT monthly. It is always $750,000, always on the 1st and its international. Could it be the ANOTHER 365 backing?”

“I’m not surprised. In the A365 underground distinct patterns have been noted in statistics of people receiving their fate.”

“What kind of patterns?” “Since ANOTHER 365 began 50 years ago, not one Russian immigrant has received their fate before age 65.”

“You think the Russians are behind the ANOTHER 365 organization. Isn’t the cold war over?” “No, I think Russian organized crime.”

Will’s radio began to crackle. “They’ve found our camp. I’ve instituted Operation Scatter in the A365 underground. ALERT SCATTER.”

Things changed quickly in the A365 underground. Will grabbed the papers and ordered Gordon and others to follow him. They followed.

“What happens now?” “We go into hiding but sabotage and infiltrate. It’s January 1st. We have ANOTHER 365 to stop them.”


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  1. a gray says:

    Reads like a great plot for a science fiction movie.