Submitted for Flash Fiction Contest #6 @SSFFS_project

Write a story between 100 and 150 words with the theme “a gift”

Please enjoy, A Gift Lost and Found


“I’m home and I found a package.”

Sarah said, “Take your backpack to your room. You won’t need it since it is Christmas break.”

“Mom look!” said Billy.

He held out a mud covered brown paper wrapped box with a torn corner revealing Christmas wrapping.

“In the woods, some animal had dug between two fallen trees. It was like a cave, so I looked inside and found the box.”

Working with paper towels, Sarah revealed a local address.

“Let’s make a delivery. This came all the way from France.”

On Sycamore Street, Sarah rang the doorbell. After a minute, an elderly woman answered.

“Mrs. Louisa Anderson?”

“No. That was my mother. What is this about?”

“I found her package,” said Billy. “It’s from France.”

She took the package and thanked them. Opening it, she found a beautiful doll, a gift from her father who died in France in 1943.

5 responses

  1. Oh Danny Boy says:

    A true story Maryann? Very moving.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh how special and a movie could be made of this short story