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A 100 word flash fiction writing prompt where we are supplied with the first and last word and a photo prompt. We have 24 hours in which to write our story and post it in the comments at the link above. My 24 hours will be up at 5 am UK time Friday. The first word must be FACE and the last word must be LIFT. Here is the photo prompt which also must be part of the writing.


Photo Credit: shira gal via CC

Photo Credit: shira gal via CC

Face reality girl. There’s never going to be any money for college. You’ll never have a chance for success. My only hope is to receive a scholarship. These were the thoughts running through Vanessa’s mind as she hacked away at her grandmother’s old manual typewriter. She was actually writing her term paper on a typewriter. She wouldn’t dare let her classmates know. Her mother said she wouldn’t waste money on a computer when they had them at the library. To her mother, money was better spent on good wine and this rendered her too drunk to give Vanessa a lift.


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  1. Birgit says:

    Great short story into and love how much is said about her situation in such a small time frame or write frame:)