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The Assignment: The idea of Photo Fiction is write a story of around 100-200 words (which is also called Flash Fiction) based on a photo as a prompt. In this particular photo fiction, the story must be based on the photo below.  To read stories written by others, click on the links tool below.

On the September 14, 2014 Sunday Photo Fiction I wrote a trilogy.  I decided that I would try expanding those stories for a few weeks.  The titles will not be Train Track Trilogy each week but will have three or a version of three in the title but be a continuation.  Here are the stories in order:

Train Track Trilogy

Three Tales in a Bubble

The Unleashing of Three Dragons

Three Strokes to Stay Above Water

This week, please enjoy Three Tons of Debris

Credit: Al Forbes

Credit: Al Forbes

 Three Tons of Debris

“You called the cops,” yelled Ian.

“I don’t want trouble,” cried Kim

“You owe me $25,000. Have it by Friday or trouble will come and you’ll be buried in a ton of my debris.

Ian jumped the railing and was gone before the police arrived.

Kim stepped outside to meet the police officer.

“What seems to be the trouble?”

“He left when he heard your siren.”

“Do you want to file a complaint?”

“I just wanted him gone and that has been accomplished. Thank you.”

Kim went back inside.


When her Dad raged, Dara locked herself in her bedroom. It had been many years since his rages turned into violence but Dara wasn’t taking any chances. She threw herself onto her bed and cried. She had been in love and that sometimes made you do some stupid things but this was the first time the consequences have been so severe. Dara felt like a ton of debris was raining down upon her. Taking out the brochure from Planned Parenthood, Dara began to read.


“The records show that Corporal Hugh Swenson was among 8,551 troops on the Queen Mary that sailed from Gourock, Scotland on July 6, 1945 and arrived in New York on July 11, 1945. We have a great start,” said George.

For Krista, this start was like lifting a ton of debris from her shoulders.

4 responses

  1. Al says:

    I really like where these are going, and how you are doing them. I think I might get back onto Dan’s story this week


  2. Birgit says:

    Great way to move the stories along and want to know how they end and if they find what they are looking for