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The Assignment: The idea of Photo Fiction is write a story of around 100-200 words (which is also called Flash Fiction) based on a photo as a prompt. In this particular photo fiction, the story must be based on the photo below.  To read stories written by others, click on the links tool below.

On the September 14, 2014 Sunday Photo Fiction I wrote a trilogy.  I decided that I would try expanding those stories for a few weeks.  The titles will not be Train Track Trilogy each week but will have three or a version of three in the title but be a continuation.  To read the first part which is the introduction to the three stories, please enjoy Train Track Trilogy.  Then the stories continued in Three Tales in a Bubble.  Next our characters faced The Unleashing of Three Dragons.  This week, please enjoy, Three Strokes to Stay Above Water.

Credit: Al Forbes. Two statues symbolizing Cross Channel Swimmers

Credit: Al Forbes.
Two statues symbolizing Cross Channel Swimmers


“911 what is your emergency?”

“I’m afraid. He’s at my door.”

“Stay on with me. Can he get in?”

“Maybe. He knows I’m home. I’m trying to keep my head above water and only have the strength to swim so far.”

“Are you in a drowning situation?”

“No, it’s just a metaphor for my life.”

Kim heard the sirens coming down her street and sighed with relief.


Witnessing her father’s rage, Dara shrunk away. Mrs. Morgan tried hopelessly to calm Frank.

“Sit down. You’re not helping the situation.”

“I won’t sit down, Sharon. I break my back working two job to keep our heads above water in order to send our daughter to university and now she’s pregnant,” yelled Frank.

“Dara, who’s the father?” asked Sharon.

“His name is Chase, my English Composition professor.”

“I understand the part about the University firing him, but what did you mean about him not being free?”

“He’s married.”

With escalating rage, Frank Morgan balled his hands into fists.


At the public library, Krista met a historian with expertise in World War II records.

“Welcome Krista. I’ve reserved an office for us,” said George.

“Thank you.”

Taking out her folder of facts about her father, Krista took a seat.

“As I mentioned on the telephone, my mother’s mental state is difficult. I’ve reached the end of my ability to keep our heads above water trying to hold down a job and deal with her daily trips to the train station.”

“With a few facts, I can find out a lot of information. I brought my computer, so let’s get started.



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  1. Al says:

    I love the way you do this. The continuation of three stories with one prompt is fantastic. I love it.


  2. Ally says:

    Loving reading these. I like your work.

    Ally 🙂


  3. Birgit says:

    This is so great and all are so realistic-well written


  4. uma says:

    These were so beautifully weaved on to the single thread of the prompt.