historical-fiction Each Friday as an alternative way of posting about a historical event that occurred on this day in history, I will weave the event into a fictional story while still providing all the necessary facts.




“Good morning.  May I help you?” asked Miss Johnson.

“I need to see the Mayor.  My name is Alice Stebbins Wells, ” said Alice.

“Just a moment.”  Miss Johnson knock on the door and went into the Mayor’s office.

“Sir that Miss Wells is out front who wants to see you.”

“Show her in.  I have some time at the moment.”

Miss Johnson showed Alice into the Mayor’s office and began to leave.

“Miss Johnson please stay.  I may need you to take notes.”

The Mayor knew who Miss Wells was and he was kind of expecting her visit.

“Have a seat Miss Wells.  How may I help you this morning.”

“Mayor, I think you know why I have come.  I’ve been to see the police commissioner and I now want to plead my case with you.”

“Go on.”

“Every day women and children in our city are victims of crime.  I feel that a woman on the police force can be of real help.”

“Police work is dangerous.  I don’t think a woman can handle it.”

“I think you are wrong.  Nineteen years ago in Chicago, Canadian born, Marie Owens was the first female police in the United States.  If she could do it in Chicago in 1891, I can do it now in 1910.

“It isn’t entirely up to me.  You’ll need the police commissioner and the city council.”

“I am coming before the Los Angeles City Council at the next meeting.”


Police Officer, Alice Stebbins Wells

Police Officer, Alice Stebbins Wells

Alice Stebbins Wells did petition of commissioner and the Los Angeles City Council and on September 12, 1910, she became the first native born woman police officer in the United States.  She went on to become the founder and first president of the International Policewoman’s Association.  She traveled throughout America and Canada promoting female officers.  See my posting for today’s The World’s Outstanding Women for her full story.


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  1. Birgit says:

    That is amazing- it takes one person to change everything