Submitted for Sunday Photo Fiction

Also submitted for Flash Frenzy Round 34 (see the rules at this link)


The Assignment: The idea of Photo Fiction is to write a story of around 100-200 words (which is also called Flash Fiction) based on a photo as a prompt. In this particular photo fiction, the story must be based on the photo below. With the link tool below, you can add your story as well as read all the amazing stories written by others.


 Math Dreams

“Do you remember your dreams?” said Steve.

“I’m in the grotto at the Playboy mansion,” chuckled Frank.

“I’m serious. For the last few weeks I’ve been having two recurring dreams nightly.”

“Go on. I’m intrigued.”

“In one, I’m looking upon a grassy field that backs up to a woods. In the middle of the field there is a child with her head stuck inside a large shell. I think it is a shell. It is very large and shaped like this,” said Steve as he gestured in a spiral with his hand.

“And the other dream?”

“There is a set of carpeted stairs and I’m holding a ruler. Nothing else happens. I’m looking at the stairs, holding the ruler and I’m anxious.”

Frank began to chuckle and said, “You’re having math dreams.”


“After tomorrow, you and Judy will be the proud owners of a home and a $400,000 mortgage. It has you anxious.”

Steve looked puzzled.

“The shell is the fibonacci sequence and the staircase is geometry.”

“You had these dreams?”

“For me it was quadratic equations displayed in odd places. The dreams went away once I accepted that I was employed and could easily make the mortgage payments.”




9 responses

  1. Al says:

    Oh wow! I like that.


  2. Birgit says:

    Ok this was inspired! How you could place these pictures to a dream and then to math-fantastic!


  3. Pat says:

    Incredibly clever and well written! Bravo!


  4. Ally says:

    Ha! this is quirky. Quirky in a great way. I like your imagination and your style.


    Ally 🙂


  5. Please you illustrated this little story.
    I’d also have dreams if buying an expensive house. Good one.