historical-fiction Each Friday as an alternative way of posting about a historical event that occurred on this day in history, I will weave the event into a fictional story while still providing all the necessary facts.



At breakfast, Kitty handed Joe the newspaper with a pleading look on her face.  Joe looked down and saw an advertisement.


“The one you want costs $200.  Do you really think we need one Kitty?”, said Joseph.

“Oh please Joe.  I’ve wanted one ever since the Victor Talking Machine Company started selling them in August.  Now it is almost Christmas 1906 and I think our house will be so festive with music.”

“I’m not making any promises but the Victor Talking Machine Company is in Camden and it won’t be too much trouble for me to stop over there and look when I’m on my lunch break from The Joseph Campbell Company.”

Campbell Soup Ad

The next day, Joseph and another Campbell’s employee, George hopped  a trolley to go to the Victor Talking Machine Company located near the waterfront.  They looked at a few models.


“This is the one my wife wants.  I read that Victor did not have sufficient manufacturing facilities to produce the large cabinet so the Pooley Furniture Company of Philadelphia was contracted as a cabinet supplier. The machine was intended for sale for wealthy customers, as the initial sale price was a lofty $200 (the most expensive Victor with an external horn sold for half that price). In spite of the cost, the machine sold briskly, and Victor knew it had an immediate success on its hands,” said Joseph.

“My wife wants that one too.  What are you going to do?”, said George.

“I’m going to surprise Kitty with it just before Christmas.”

“My plans too for my wife.”


Joe and Kitty had a very musical Christmas 1906.


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  1. Birgit says:

    I love the old Victrola. A friend of mine has inherited her mom’s which is an antique. The people from 1906 would be dumbfounded with all the devices of today. Great way to place it into a story