historical-fiction Each Friday as an alternative way of posting about a historical event that occurred on this day in history, I will weave the event into a fictional story while still providing all the necessary facts.



“I love that your mom kept all these old dresses from when she was a teen in the 1960s,” said Maria.

“My dad calls her a pack rat but I agree with you.  I might wear this green skirt to school tomorrow.  It is so retro,” said Karen.

“Do you think your mom would mind if I borrowed this pink dress?  I love it.”


“Hey! You didn’t tell me that your mom had all these old record albums and 45 RPMs.  Do you still have a record player?”

“My parents have a turntable with the stereo in the family room downstairs but there is an old box record player here in the attic somewhere.”

The girls started looked around the attic and eventually located the record player on the bottom of a shelf.

1960s Dansette Junior De-Luxe

1960s Dansette Junior De-Luxe

Karen plugged in the record player, selected the first 45 rpm from the stack, I’m Sorry by Brenda Lee and put it onto the turntable.  After turning on the power, Karen moved the needle over to start the music.

“Brenda Lee was my mom’s favorite when she was a teen.  My mom was the smallest in her class so I think she could relate to Brenda Lee who was several inches short of five feet.  Brenda Lee was 15 years old when this record reached the top of the Billboard charts on July 18, 1960.”

“My mom liked her too.  The media called her “Little Miss Dynamite”.  Wasn’t she from Georgia just like us?”

“Yes.  She was born Brenda Mae Tarpley on December 11, 1944.  Her father was a itinerant semipro baseball player and carpenter but he was killed in a construction accident when she was eight years old.”

“My mom told me that Brenda Lee was a singing prodigy and sang in regional talent contests and on television at a very young age.  It was country star Red Foley that invited her on stage in Augusta Georgia that gave her the big break.  She was eleven years old and she performed Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya” with Red.

Red Foley

Red Foley


“She mostly sang country music but she was also known for her rockabilly.  That is what gave her the entry into the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

“Did you know that when she toured Great Britain, the “Silver Beetles” now famously known at the Beatles opened for Brenda Lee.”
The Silver Beetles (with Pete Best, pre Ringo Starr)

The Silver Beetles (with Pete Best, pre Ringo Starr)

“There are probably more of Brenda Lee’s records in the stack.  Brenda Lee followed her #1 hit “I’m Sorry” with 27 more top-40 hits over the course of the 1960s—more than any other solo female performer in that decade.”
Today, Brenda Lee lives in Nashville and still performs to sell out audiences

Today, Brenda Lee lives in Nashville and still performs to sell out audiences



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  1. Birgit says:

    I love that song! Great way to weave the story about her life. Reminded me of when i asked my dad about film stars and he would tell me their story.