When I played the clarinet in my teen years, I remember this being my favorite march.  It was not an easy song so when played well, it was a feeling of great achievement.  I am sure I wouldn’t be able to play it now.  I haven’t played my clarinet in year.  I was always amazed that even with just a few piccolos, you could always hear them so well not just during their solo.  Happy Independence Day everyone.  Here is the President of United States Marine Corp Band from 2009.  Please enjoy the Stars and Stripes Forever.


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  1. Birgit says:

    This is a great song. I was in Indianna, PA on the 4th (Jimmy Stewart’s hometown). My friend and I was surprised at how quiet it was. We thought we would see people on the veranda’s and cooking on the BBQ but nope-quite still in that town