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This weeks song is Get It On by a Norwegian band called Turbonegro.  To listen, click on the link below.  I have to admit, this one gave me some difficulty.  I listened to the track and couldn’t come up with an idea and I went to the web to look up the lyrics and still nothing came to me.  I then thought back to my first impression and a funny idea I thought about when listening to the song for the very first time.  At that time, I mostly picked up on the words “I like it, I love it” and “Get it On” and humorously thought that a rockstar joined the fashion police and he is screeching out his review of the fashions with guitar riffs in the background.  In the end, fashion was still part of the final story but a little different.   Obviously this is not what the song is about but I hope you enjoy my story.


Rocking the Runway

 The DJ tried one last time to make the party enjoyable.  By this Pierre meant for himself.  Normally his weekend gigs were parties, weddings and banquets where guests would be dancing to a wide variety of music genres he played for them.  With his experience, he knew how to read the crowd and was normally successful in providing a very good time for his clients.


This event was different.  Due to a last minute cancellation, the coordinators of this charity fashion show contacted him to fill in.  For the fashion show, he wasn’t playing song tracks that he chose but a set program that had been layed out by the event coordinators.  This was pretty boring stuff and although the guests seemed interested in the fashions coming down the runway, they didn’t appear to be enjoying themselves. Half of them were looking down at their smartphones and texting and surfing the web.  There were a large number that went out for a cigarette break and didn’t return.

At the end of the evening, Pierre looked at his program list and started to cue up the track for the last group which was models wearing a wide variety of leather outfits.  Something was wrong as his computer screen was displaying “Track Not Found” each time he selected the song.  Panicking as he saw the first model at the start of the runway and an angry look on the face of his client, Mrs. Tobin, Pierre quickly selected another track.  Not only was it not the song set by Mrs. Tobin, it was unlike any other song played that evening.  The models entered the runway strutting to the sounds of Get it On by the Norwegian band, Turbonegro.


Mrs. Tobin began to come to Pierre’s booth but stopped when she saw a change come over her guests.  The audience was rocking to the beat of the music, looking up from their smartphones and a large number of guests were coming in from the hallway.  The room had an electric feeling.  Pierre looked around at the audience with a smile on his face.

When the event was over, Mrs. Tobin asked Pierre if he was available for this event next year.  Since he was, they scheduled a meeting in six months to program the event and Mrs. Tobin asked that he be involved in the song selection.


4 responses

  1. Birgit says:

    I listened to the track-not my music-lol but I loved how you placed it in the fashion scene. It works with that and loved your story


  2. Miss Andi says:

    Great story, really liked how you came up with it and the end result as well. It happens many times that those little errors lead to something better, loved how your story supported it! Thanks for not skipping it even though it wasn’t your cup of tea!