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This weeks song is Dark Places by Quinn Archer and I recommend clicking on the link below and having a listen.  It is a dark and soulful song with beautiful music accompaniment; however since my blog is basically a history site, I decided to use the title as the bases for my story.

“Michael, mama could have sent us away but we are all she has in the world,” said Patricia.

“Where is she now? What about papa?” cried Michael.

When their mama hadn’t returned from the shops before the sirens, Patricia worried about her too but she needed to stay strong for her little brother.

junkers blitz

“Papa’s with the RAF and not getting letters often is expected. Mama was at the shops but I’m sure she’ll be here soon. You know what she taught us. Back in September when the bombings began, mama said that we are to always carry our gas masks and follow her or Mrs. Spencer down to the air raid shelter.”

Elephant and Castle Tube Station during the Blitz

Elephant and Castle Tube Station during the Blitz

“It’s dark. This is a dark place,” cried Michael as he held tight to his sister.

“When the bombs hit nearby, the lights down here sometimes go out.”

A little while later, the inhabitants of the shelter heard the all-clear siren. They came up out of the shelter to find their world turned upside down. Their part of London was leveled.


“Where is mama?”

Patricia looked around her and didn’t know how to answer her brother. She didn’t know what they should do or where they should go. Taking her brother by the hand, they walked to where Mrs. Spencer stood with her children.

After awhile, the children heard someone calling to them through the smoke and fire. They turned to see a person with a face covered in soot and a dress torn to shreds running toward them in the night. The children ran to her shouting with joy as it was their mama. The family embraced as the city burned around them.




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  1. Miss Andi says:

    Aw, what a relief that she DID come back, I was worried all throughout that she wouldn’t be able to! Great story linking all those pics, really loved the response to the song, thank you!


  2. Birgit says:

    what a great way to link the song to your story. Glad she made it back in your story as so many didn’t