You may not have noticed it but my blog has been on auto pilot for the last 10 days.  My family took a trip to Wales and London during my daughter’s spring break from school.  Although the weather was cool, it was dry for our entire trip until the last day.  For Easter Sunday, it rained the entire day.  I will probably write some posts about this amazing trip but for now here is a small taste.

My family and my daughter especially are fans of Doctor Who so part of our trip had a Doctor Who connection.  This meant Wales as much of the modern series is filmed in and around Cardiff.   We spent a beautiful day in the area of Southerndown which is a coastal area west of Cardiff.  Here is one photograph of Dunraven Bay and known to Doctor Who fans as Bad Wolf Bay.

Dunraven Bay, Souterndown, Wales

Dunraven Bay, Souterndown, Wales


Of course this is the beach on the episode from Doctor Who.


Our trip also included London.  When it came to aerial views of the city, we needed to choose between the London Eye or the Shard.  We decided on the Shard as once we were up there, we could stay as long as we wanted.  This would not be the case with the London Eye.  The Shard is higher too at 244 meters vs 135 for the London Eye.  We reached the top just as the sun was setting.  Here is one photograph showing the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.  This photograph was taken with my Ipad.  I don’t have photography skills so you can see that the glaceing is somewhat of a photo issue for me.  Unlike the Empire State Building in NYC, there is no outside parts from which to take photographs.

A view of the Tower Bridge and Tower of London from high atop the Shard

A view of the Tower Bridge and Tower of London from high atop the Shard


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  1. Birgit says:

    I used to watch Dr. Who when I was a kid in the 70’s. My niece loves Dr. Who and would love to go to this beach