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haibun4plus21Welcome to Haibun Thinking. A weekly writing challenge to create verse, prose and haiku using prompts from all areas of art including – but not limited to – movies, songs, art, photography etc.  It is all explained at the link above.  There is a link tool to submit your haibun.  If you don’t know how to write the form haibun, there is information about it at the link above too.

This week is freestyle week so with no prompt, we are free submit what we wish for our haibun.  This week I decided to take a previous blogged story and add the haiku to turn it into a haibun.


Molly’s Unexpected Journey

Even though her mother often scolded her for playing down on the docks, Molly was there again.  It is not that she liked to disobey her mother.  She had so much fun racing around with Sean O’Malley and she never wanted the boys to tell her she couldn’t play.  Girls just wanted to play with dolls or pretend they were having a tea party and that was not fun to Molly.


Today the weather was glorious.  It was springtime and there was a lot of activity on the docks.  She and Sean had already been chased away by the dock master but he couldn’t catch them.  Besides he was too busy directing the loading of a huge ship.


There sure were a lot of people at the port today.


“Here comes the rest of the boys,” said Sean.  “What do you say to a game of hide-n-seek?”

“Sounds great; but I’m not going to be the first one it this time,” complained Molly.  “Why don’t we make Padraig’s little brother, Michael be it?”

When the rest of the boys came onto the docks, Sean told Padraig that Michael was it and set the boundaries for the game.

All the children scattered and Molly began to look for a good place to hide.  Michael may be small, but he was good at the game and Molly did not want to be found first.

After skipping a few bad hiding places, Molly found an empty barrel sitting in the alley between the fishmongers and the ticket office.  The lid was open and Molly climbed in and reached up to close the lid.


Molly must have chosen a great hiding place because she sat inside the barrel a long time and wasn’t having any fun.  She began to stand up to push open the lid but it wouldn’t budge.  There was so much noise on the docks no one heard her call for help and no one came to let her out.  Suddenly her barrel began to move.  It was being lifted and then she felt it being turned on the side and rolled at an incline.  She kept screaming but still no one heard her.

After a while, the barrel was placed in a storage area of the ship and although the barrel had gaps in the binding, Molly couldn’t see anything or anyone.  She eventually fell asleep because she was very tired and hungry.

When Molly woke, she began to panic as she could feel the movement of the sea beneath the ship.  Molly had a good reason to panic for today is April 11, 1912, the docks were in Queenstown, Ireland and she has just started an unexpected journey aboard the RMS Titanic.


Fun along the docks

A child’s game will set her fate

Farewell Ireland


6 responses

  1. Maryann the tale was fascinating until the realisation that we were talking Titanic. Veru engaging for me , well done. Lovely haiku as well.


  2. Brenda says:

    Great twist ending. Beautiful haiku.


  3. ouch. nightmare.