I’ve joined  Flash in the Pan  Hosted by Red Dwyer.  Each flash begins with a single word. It should fit into the quarterly theme of Boys and Their Toys. The word must be used exactly as listed. All flashes must stand alone to be accepted.   The word for my 150 word post today is BLOCKS.


“Today we should revisit your childhood.”

Joe stretched out on the prison psychiatrist’s couch.  The psychiatrist’s monotone voice faded away.  Joe learned to navigate these sessions with minimal attention and response.


“Previously, I asked you if your father walking out may have lead to you enclosing your mother in blocks and mortar in her basement,” said Dr. Fox.

Joe stared at the doctor and smirked.

“Should we explore that more today?”


Joe stepped into his daydream of that fateful day.  As usual, he heard his mother’s laughter and her belittling words.    He had lost another job but instead of words of encouragement, she brought up his past failures.

“My daycare kids show more potential with their blocks than I’ve ever seen in you,” laughed his mother as she tossed a bin of toy blocks at him.

I just showed her I could work with blocks too, thought Joe.

lightweight block 3


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