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Welcome to Haibun Thinking. A weekly writing challenge to create verse, prose and haiku using prompts from all areas of art including – but not limited to – movies, songs, art, photography etc.  It is all explained at the link above.  There is a link tool to submit your haibun.  If you don’t know how to write the form haibun, there is information about it at the link above too.

This week is art week and in honor of Michelangelo’s birthday, one of the prompts is his work of art.  This is also the prompt that I have chosen.

Michelangelo's Cherubs

Michelangelo’s Cherubs

“Mrs. Warner thank you for allowing me to meet with you today to discuss your life insurance options,” said Max Smith from Family Indemnity Insurance of America.

“I was glad you could come to my home as it would be difficult to get downtown to your office,” said Jeanne Warner.

“Oh yes.  It says in your application that you and your husband have two children ages three and five.  They must be angels as I don’t hear them running about.”

“Aah angels yes that’s right.”  Jeanne looked towards the hallway.

“Why don’t we get started?  Based on your information, I have brought a few plans with me today.  The first two do not include accident insurance for children on the plan and the third which is substantially more expensive does cover accidents for the children.  As much as I would love to sell you the more expensive plan, I like to be honest with my clients.  You don’t sound like you need it with your cherubs.

“Aah cherubs yes that’s right,” said Jeanne as she heard a door down the hall open.

Suddenly the sound of children fighting filled the house.  Two boys ran into the kitchen pushing at each other.  The older boy was crying and holding his arm.

‘What happened?” cried Jeanne.

“We were jumping on my bed and Michael pushed me off.  My arm hurts,” cried Sean.

“It looks like this may be a bad time.  I’ll leave the information for the three plans and my business card.  One question before I go.  Your husband’s employment was left blank.  What does he do?”

“He and a partner have a start-up.  They have developed sound proofing for residential homes.”

“I see.  I’ll see myself out.  Hope your son is going to be OK.”

 Her quiet angels

Remember angels have wings

Wings heavenly sound



10 responses

  1. Al says:

    That soundproofing certainly works 😀


  2. Good one Maryann, I could have done with some of that soundproofing with my kids.


  3. Suzanne says:

    Love the twist here. What a joy to read something so down to earth and so much of the moment.


  4. Brenda says:

    Love all the details, sad the brother was holding his arm. In my house, if it’s quiet, something is wrong…


    • Yes quiet means up to something. Alas in this fictional house, the insurance salesman was deceived by the sound proofing which made the mother oblivious to the ruckus. Thanks for reading.


      • Brenda says:

        Yes, I got that, and I was filled with anxiety at living in a house where I could not hear what the kids were doing. Visions of fingerpainting on the walls, glitter glue on the marimba, science experiments going badly wrong all danced through my head. 🙂