I’ve joined  Flash in the Pan  Hosted by Red Dwyer.  Each flash begins with a single word. It should fit into the quarterly theme of Boys and Their Toys. The word must be used exactly as listed. All flashes must stand alone to be accepted.   The word for my 75 word post today is SURFBOARD.


Kai walked onto the beach at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel where someday he hoped to join the Beachboys of Waikiki.  He carried his treasured surfboard and since it was Sunday morning, the beach was quiet.  Many Hawaiians were in church and Kai knew he should be too; but the surf was calling him.  As Kai approached the water, he heard loud noises.  Overhead, a formation of airplanes with red spots was flying toward Pearl Harbor.

Zero over battleship row

Zero over battleship row


When I saw that one of the words for Flash in the Pan was surfboard, I skipped around the word because my knowledge of surfboards was limited to what I learned from Gidget, Moondoggie and the Big Kahuna.  I decided I need to do a little research and came across the story of the Beachboys of Waikiki.  The Beachboys of Waikiki are a renowned group of Hawaiian watermen who worked on the beaches of Waikiki from the 1920s to the 1950s when guests from all around the world began arriving to stay at the two luxurious new Waikiki hotels: the Moana Hotel and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  The Beachboys were experts at reading the ocean—including the waves, tides winds, and currents—as well as fishing and harvesting limu (seaweed). Skilled at much more than surfing and steering canoes, the Beachboys were leaders in the revival of surfing and other watersports in the early 20th century.


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