Submitted for Trifextra 103

Assignment:  A quick and dirty Trifextra prompt.  Plenty of times over the past two and a half years, they’ve given us the beginning of a story and asked us to complete it.  This time, they are giving us the end, and are asking us to start it for them.  They want 33 words in addition to and preceding the following:

That wasn’t what I meant.

So, to clarify, we write 33 words and then add on the five that they’ve given us.  Their five come after our 33 for a grand total of 38.
Good luck!  Have fun!


“Many choices here.”

“I want that,” moaned Deb.

“Trust me, you don’t want that.  I’ve had that,” said Kim

“Too rich?”

“Have you decided on dessert?” asked the waiter.

What were you thinking?  THAT wasn’t what I meant.

Chocolate Lava Cake


6 responses

  1. Ha ha. Women and desserts. And women and men. What are you going to do? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Christine says:

    Ha! I thought of dessert right away. Now I’m hungry… 🙂


  3. Well written. Confusion seems to reign between those two.