I’ve joined  Flash in the Pan  Hosted by Red Dwyer.  Each flash begins with a single word. It should fit into the quarterly theme of Boys and Their Toys. The word must be used exactly as listed. All flashes must stand alone to be accepted.   The word for my 100 word post today is GUN .

Millie loved going to yard sales and parked her car for the day’s first sale.  The house looked like no one was home but a young man with a nose ring seemed to be the person in charge.  Millie found a few toys for her grandson and even though she didn’t like the look of the man, she paid him for the puzzles and a toy gun and left.  Afterwards, the man made a telephone call.

“I got rid of it.  Some old lady thought it was a toy.  I’m out of here before someone realizes this isn’t my house.”



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