Have you ever taken part in a writing chain?

Kerrie Salsac has created a novel writing challenge. Head over to her place to take a look.  You can see all the rules there too.


Here is my third submission for Trapped


In Washington D.C., Senator Matthew Adams hung up the telephone and panicked.  A manhunt is underway for death row inmate, Hugh Smith.  The caller thought he’d want to know since the murder occurred in his home town but they didn’t know his real interest.  The truth should have died with Hugh tonight.  The Senator had dangerous friends who helped cover up his crime.  That is their specialty.  Of course he paid a high price for that help every time his telephone rang just before a vote in the Senate.  Matthew’s hand shook as he called a special telephone number.


8 responses

  1. EagleAye says:

    Aha! And now we know who the true murderer is. This is great. I was wondering who would fill in that blank. Great episode.


  2. Al says:

    Yay … the twisted senator.


  3. The plot thickens. What clues will we find new DNA, a balckmail video, a hidden witness the possibilities good addition.


  4. draliman says:

    Enter the crooked politician! Surely not 🙂