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Here is my fifth submission for The Wall


Eliya and Jadir crested the hill that rose above the Ezreet stronghold.  Eliya watched her enemy from this vantage point many time before, so she knew where to find berries and water.

Eliya and Jadir discussed weapon selection and their plan of attack while eating.

“Should we attack at night, or wait for first light?” asked Jadir.

“The Ezreet employ ruthless guards at night.  I suggest a surprise attack in early morning.”

Afterwards, Jadir’s eyes glowed blue as he watched Eliya undress and stretch out on a bed of soft grasses.  She gave no protest when Jadir did the same.


5 responses

  1. EagleAye says:

    Aha! Eliya has been planning this for a long time. She already had a plan ready to go. And it looks like the relationship is really ready to grow with Camilla out of the way. I like the way this episode finished. Nice touch.


  2. draliman says:

    Could our heroes get together before the big battle? As you say, it could be their last chance.
    If so, I hope it doesn’t dull Jadir’s edge for the big battle.