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Welcome to Haibun Thinking. A weekly writing challenge to create verse, prose and haiku using prompts from all areas of art including – but not limited to – movies, songs, art, photography etc.

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Chosen prompt:

PHOTO © Sally – My Beautiful Things

PHOTO © Sally – My Beautiful Things

“I’m glad you’re home Shelly.  I want to show you what I’ve been working on,” said John.

“It’s been a long day John. Can we do this on another day?  All I want to do is change, eat a small meal and go to bed early,” answered Shelly not looking at her husband.

She didn’t see her husband’s face fall.  She didn’t know that since he had been downsized from the job he had for more than thirty years, that today was the first day that he felt good about himself for his accomplishments.  It is hard for a fifty-five year old man to find a new position.  It has been more than a year and John stopped looking months ago.

Self-esteem is gone

Defined by our profession

We’re more than the job

The next morning, Shelly rose early.  Last night, she had been asleep before John came to bed.  This morning, he was already up and she could hear him in the kitchen.

Coming into the kitchen, Shelly noticed that the table was set for breakfast and it was beautiful.  John had used a red linen tablecloth, the fine china and there was a single rose lying across her plate.

“Happy Valentine’s Day my love,” said John as he kissed his wife.

Shelly looked at the wall calendar in shock.  She had been working so much; she lost track of what day it was.  She recovered quickly and smiled.  “I love you John.  The table looks beautiful.”

“Since it is Saturday, we can have a leisurely breakfast and then I can show you my surprise.”


“You were too tired last night.  It is better in the sunshine anyway.”

After breakfast, the couple dressed for the day and met at the backdoor.  “I need you to close your eyes as we enter the backyard.  Don’t open them until I say you can,” said John.

John helped Shelly walk to the wooded area at the back of their property.  “Ok open your eyes.”

Shelly opened her eyes to see a beautiful archway covered in flowers.  It created a pathway into the woods that extended beyond their property.  When John looked at Shelly, she was looking back and tears were running down her smiling face.  John had recreated the place where they had first met.

That place in our past

A beautiful memory

Our love’s secret place


7 responses

  1. Al says:

    That is beautiful Maryann. I love it. You can feel the love between the two of them.



  2. Maryann this is so lovely, so beautifully expressed i get the feeling this work reflected the love John and Shelly have for each other. Like Al I too had tears in my eyes by the end. Excellent haibun and haiku.


  3. Brenda says:

    Oh, this is beautiful, romance and aching marital love distilled into a beautiful post. All the beauty of our early days remembered. Thanks, Brenda