I’ve decided to check out Flash in the Pan  Hosted by Red Dwyer.  Each flash begins with a single word. It should fit into the quarterly theme of Boys and Their Toys. The word must be used exactly as listed. All flashes must stand alone to be accepted.   The word for my 100 word post today is TOOLS

Grugo sat on a rock shivering as he tore raw meat.  The toughness of the meat made it difficult for his mate to eat.  Their son, Togi came into the cave and frowned.

“You and your old ways.  You’d rather freeze then start a fire with the flint.  What happened to the blades I made for you?” grunted Togi.

Finding the tools discarded in the back of the cave, Togi started a fire.  He sliced the meat, used a stick to hold it over the flames and gave some to his mother.  She smiled.  His father grunted but moved closer.

Caveman Cook

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