Kerrie Salsac has created a novel writing challenge. Head over to her place to take a look.  You can see all the rules there too.

Here is my 3rd and final submission for Bloody Monday Morning.  Alas I now lose control of the story but I can’t wait to see how other move it along.


Meanwhile in his office in Philadelphia, FBI Agent, Sam Lexmark puzzled over the text message he received from his sister.

Met someone

You’ll love him

Bringing him home at XMAS

That had been Christmas Eve.  Never dependable, Jenna normally just showed up without notice.  When she didn’t, their parents and he laughed and commonly said,  “That’s Jenna.”  Since this time Jenna did give notice, her “no show” on Christmas had him worried.  He called her cellphone several times and never received a call back.  With an uneasy feeling, Sam picked up the telephone and called the NY field office.


11 responses

  1. Joe Owens says:

    Finally the alphabet soup guy enters the fray. Since his name doesn’t start with J and he is not the fairer sex we won’t need any more animal skins. I hope he is quick at his investigating or we may not see the happy reunion.


  2. EagleAye says:

    Oho! This is really interesting. It gives Jenna some depth and adds a new character to play with. Hmm. How to work him in? *tap tap tap*


    • I love the way you say “a new character to play with”. I can almost see the wheels turning 🙂 I unfortunately am done for this weeks game but my thoughts are that the clue that could bring the FBI closer to solving is that Jenna joined a new online dating service that obviously was not what it appear to be.


      • EagleAye says:

        Ooh, nice clue! I think I might use that if nobody else does. Right now, I think I’ll try to get her out of there. She needs help (I don’t think Jamie is it) and a love interest.


  3. kerrieanns says:

    Love the background to Jenna, and cannot wait to see how Sam works his way into this story 😀


    • I unfortunately are done for this weeks but my thoughts are that Jenna got involved with a new online dating service which wasn’t legit and that could be the clues that help the FBI bring the sickos down.


  4. silent kim says:

    Ah nice twist. I’ll like to see how this fits in.


  5. draliman says:

    Hooray! Now that the feds are involved, and her brother no less, Jenna is in with a fighting chance 🙂


  6. J. Milburn says:

    I like the addition, although our, admittedly, short history of treating agents makes me think Sam’s in for a rough ride! 😉 Great follow-up!