Kerrie Salsac has created a novel writing challenge. Head over to her place to take a look.  You can see all the rules there too.

Here is my 2nd submission for Bloody Monday Morning



“Are we the only people in this so called game?” cried Jenna.

“For now.  It is different each time I’ve been dragged into the dimension,” answered Jamie.

“Do you have any water or something to eat?” asked Jenna.

“Oh you’ll be fed soon.  It is all part of the game.  It isn’t always the same but it often involves competing for food.  You will either win the food or be the food.” 

Jamie knew she sounded cynical.  It was her third trip and she has learned to roll with the punches.  She wanted to toughen Jenna up for the game.


9 responses

  1. EagleAye says:

    Ooh, that’s a twist I hadn’t thought of. Jenna needs some toughening up. It’ll be kill or be killed in this twisted game.


  2. Joe Owens says:

    I like the sound of toughening Jenna up. Jamie must not have cannibalistic tendencies at this stage. Jenna has a basic need for food and hydration that could be her undoing if she does not learn the “rules” of the game. It is good for her Jamie is there.


  3. J. Milburn says:

    I like Jamie in a mentor role, taking pity on the newbie. Does anyone else sense a betrayal and showdown in the future? 😉 Great addition!


  4. draliman says:

    Hmm, out of all the people on the planet, I wonder why Jamie keeps getting picked on? Interesting!