Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

A Visit to the World’s Fair

“Look Papa,“ said Antoine pointing up.

“Slow down Antoine.  We will see it all,” said Henri.

“It is just like you read.  The Eiffel Tower is open for exi hmm…..”

“Exhibition little one.  Here at the Exposition Universelle of 1889, we will tour some of the yet unfinished Eiffel Tower.”

“We are finally here at the World’s Fair and passing under the tower.”  Antoine laughed and skipped around in circles.

“The tower is just one of the attractions.  There will be a wild west show by Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley.  We will see the great inventor, Thomas Edison too.”


Submitted for Friday Fictioneers.  This is a fun writing prompt challenge.  Rochelle supplies a photograph to guide your writing and the word limit is 100.  Give it a try.



15 responses

  1. Dear Maryann,

    Thank you for taking me to the 1889 Worlds Fair. I’d love to meet Thomas Edison. Nice piece of history. Although at the time the French weren’t all that thrilled with the tower. 😉




  2. That would have been quite something, to be back then and see so many wonders from around the world.


  3. Lovely Maryann to give the prompt this lovely historical perspective. Enjoyed it very much.


  4. The world’s exhibitiion must have been marvelous to see…. what an interesting concept reallly.. and when there remains towers and buildings afterwards…


  5. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Mary Ann,

    A lovely story about a bygone time. Well done.




  6. mike olley says:

    Passing under the tower is one of the best and most magnificent views. I take a photo every time. And yes, why don’t we have ‘world fairs’ still?


  7. I love how the story ties into your blog’s title! The characters are very vivid, even though there was no description, just skillful dialogue


  8. I sometimes think how sad it is that we don’t have The World Fair anymore… such an exciting way to highlight progress and the icons of our future! Such a world image, that was once just another attraction. 😉