Credit: Adam Ickes

Credit: Adam Ickes

Taking a Dip

Driving since five that morning, Alex and Sierra found a place to stop during their commute back to college.

“I’ll grab the picnic basket,” said Alex.

“I think that path leads to the waterfront,” said Sierra.

After a while, they came upon a dock jutting out into a calm lake.  Spreading out the blanket, Alex and Sierra ate their lunch while enjoying the view.

“It’s very hot this afternoon,” said Alex.

“I know.  Doesn’t the lake look refreshing?  Too bad we don’t have our swimsuits,” said Sierra.

“Who needs a swimsuit,” said Alex with a suggestive grin on his face.


Submitted for Friday Fictioneers.  This is a fun writing prompt challenge.  Rochelle supplies a photograph to guide your writing and the word limit is 100.  Give it a try.



15 responses

  1. this made me smile. made me think of relaxed days and leisurely afternoons 🙂


  2. Always nice to have a normal story with a happy ending.



  3. Dear Maryann,

    A perfect capper to a pleasant afternoon. Nice one.




  4. How sweet.. I’d love to go skinny dipping like that…


  5. A wonderful story that really takes us somewhere, with no grisly conclusion. A nice swim is what I’d like too.


  6. liz young says:

    Aha! A write-your-own-ending story. I like those! This is my fist week on FF and your story was a sweet treat.


  7. There having a good life, aren’t they. Long may it last.