Submitted for Picture Writing Challenge #24

Credit: Gertie

Credit: Gertie

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City Sidewalks

When Gertrude unlocked the door to her corner shop, she wondered what the day would bring.  Her great-great grandmother opened the little shop on the corner in 1901 and it survived four wars, the great depression and the city riots of the 1960s.  Now with the big box store opening across town, this year just may be the last Christmas shopping season for Emily’s Gift Emporium.

Gertrude smiled as she people watched out the window.  She would miss seeing the neighborhood children race by on their way to school.  They rode their bikes even in snowy weather.  On Saturdays, there will be a chorus from the local church singing Christmas carols as people rush by with their packages.  There haven’t been so many people rushing by in the last few years.  The crowds used to make Gertrude think of that Christmas carol, Silver Bells.  “City sidewalks, busy sidewalks” crooned Gertrude to her empty shop.  Gertrude turned on the shop’s music and walked behind the counter.  Just because there were no customers didn’t mean she could throw away a wonderful day.

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