Submitted for Picture Writing Challenge #21

Credit to: dmkdmkdmk

Credit to: dmkdmkdmk

This video is actually a still photograph of St. Peter’s Church in Zurich, Switzerland and includes the bells ringing.  Play the bells while reading my post as it gives it atmosphere.

The Bells Are Ringing

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning

And all through the city

The bells are ringing

They’re ringing so steady.

Down by Saint Peters

The church so proud

The bells are ringing

They’re ringing so loud.

In a home nearby

A babe cannot sleep

The bells are ringing

They’re ringing so deep.

On the streets and in the alleys

We know what the dogs are feeling

The bells are ringing

They’re really pealing.

Down at the church

The priest smiles and shrugs

The bells are ringing

But he wears earplugs.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


2 responses

  1. moi says:

    Nice touch with the audio 😀


    • Thanks. Although I think church bells can be pretty and have their place, I can imagine those 5 bells of that church in Zurich would make life stop during their 15 minute peel. I wonder how many times a week they ring.