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Views on a Snowstorm

On a cold December morning, a young boy climbed out of bed and ran to the window.  Billy didn’t care if his little feet were cold on the hardwood floors.  Before he went to bed last night, he overheard his parents speaking of the coming snowstorm.  Pulling a stool toward the windowsill, he rushed to climb up and take a look.  Sure enough the mountain he called home was covered in crystal white snow and Billy was overjoyed.

In the next room, Billy’s father, Cameron also looked out the window.  He saw the blanket of snow and turned to get dressed.  He too was overjoyed because the first snowstorm of the season meant work and his family could certainly use the money.  His wife, Julie rose from their bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.  Glad as she was for her husband’s work, the blizzard meant she would be home bound for days.  She wouldn’t be able to get to the office and there was only so much she could do remotely.  If the internet went down like last year, the work would pile up.

Down the hall, their teenaged daughter, Jackie was fast asleep.  Nothing woke her before her alarm and knowing about the pending snowstorm, she didn’t bother setting it last night.  Julie knocked on Jackie’s bedroom door on her way to the kitchen.  Climbing out of bed, Jackie dragged herself to the window and frowned.  Although she loved snow, a big storm like this meant staying home and doing chores most of the day or maybe more than one day.  It meant no school but it also meant no friends could get through and she couldn’t go to the mall either.  Last year, their satellite television was knocked out and the internet was down too.

Later in the kitchen, the family enjoyed a hardy breakfast but each person had a different point of view on the day ahead.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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