USS Hornet (CV-12)-A Father's Untold War Story


Originally I planned on writing the haunted story of the USS Hornet after completing the story of my father’s time on the carrier but then I thought that it is a story for Halloween.  After all, the USS Hornet is considered the most haunted ship in the Navy, past or present.


The USS Hornet (CV-, CVA and CVS-12) is a floating history of the US Navy where in her years of service, she housed a hospital, a tailor shop, a cobbler shop, three barbershops, and seven galleys.  She is the size of three football fields and could carry 3,500 servicemen.  Her history is spectacular with much already reported in my previous posts; however I’ll sum up her record:  Nine battle stars for military service, In WWII, her pilots destroyed 1,410 Japanese aircrafts and almost 1.3 tons of enemy cargo.  If ever there was a ship that would be haunted, it…

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