Submitted for the Daily Post:  The Art of the Open Letter

The Assignment:  Write your own open letter

August 13, 2013

Dear High School Me,

I know you understand the financial burdens that your mom has had raising you and your four siblings by herself.  I know you think the best way to help is to work full-time and some day maybe you will go to college.  I know you can’t really see the future and don’t really understand how important a college education is to your financial future.  You cannot see your struggles and can’t see that once you have income and expenses, it is difficult to make a change.  Please listen to me your future self.  I tell this same thing when I have the chance to high school students today.  Do whatever you can to go to college full-time immediately after you graduate.  If you repeat what I have done, you will have regrets.  You will eventually go to college part-time and it will be about a twelve year track from start to finish.  You will do well in your profession; however you will be more than ten years older than your peers and unfortunately this may leave some opportunities on the table.  You may not think you could get through four or five years without a full-time salary but it will go fast and then you will be on your way with a college education and a future to that is wide open.


Me in 2013

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