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The Assignment:
It’s the year 2113, a major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure.

Brochure Introduction
The Franklin Institute has a wonderful special exhibit available for a limited time. If you are a subscriber, press your thumb on the reader and enter the code R2013 on the display panel of your TV (Teleportation Vehicle) and be transported to our world 100 years ago. If you are not a current subscriber to our special exhibits, follow the directions at the end of this brochure.


We have brought together from many resources a collection of artifacts that depict the life and culture experienced by mankind in the year 2013.  You will see:

Libraries and Bookstores

In 2013, the concept of a paperless society was definitely important part of life; however we still utilized public libraries and visited phyiscal bookstores.

library bookstore

In 2013, the world was still dependent on fossil fuels and the transortation that utilized them.  Although by 2013 there had been great strides in the use of alternative fuels and an increase in the number hybrid vehicles, people were still required to have a machine for transportation.  It is not like the TV (Teleportation Vehicles) of today.  Some of these type of machines will be on display such as automobiles, trains and airplanes.

car train airplanes

In 2013, most students were educated in a building called a school and in rooms called classrooms. Although there was some virtual education and also home schooling, most children went to a physical school and most students of higher education attended a physical university. Come and see what this was like for students.

School-Building Classroom-Management2

In 2013, people used devices called telephones to communicate verbally, by text, by email and through social media.  Unlike our technology of today, they did not have the communication devices implanted in their brains.  Our exhibit will have some of these communication devices on display.

home phone smartphone

You will see these and much more when you transport to our special exhibit which is available through December 31, 2113. If you are not a subscriber to the Franklin Institutes Special Exhibits, we invite you to join. Press your thumb to your reader and enter the code FI2113 and $2,000 will be charged to your world bank for one year membership. If you wish to be transported to just this special exhibit, the code is FI2013 and $160 will be charged to your world bank.

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