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Often in life, we gravitate towards a profession that fits our character traits and when you compare people in the same profession, you can see that they possess many traits in common. For me this is extremely apparent in my profession. I am a Certified Public Accountant and specifically an auditor. If a person with no preconceptions of what we are like spent a week at my firm, they would definately see the commonality and probably spend the week laughing at some of the odd and sometimes scary behavior :). I know my husband thinks so and often laughs when our daugher does or says something that is clearly “ME”. In light of this, today I serve you up my sandwich, “The CPA”.

The Bread
No you cannot substitute another type. Whatever bread it states in the menu today, that is what you get. No you cannot have it toasted. During busy season, it doesn’t ever see the light of day.

The sandwich contents – These are placed on the sandwich in the exact quantities stated and in the order listed. There is no need to ask the server what is on the sandwich as it is spelled out in exact detail in the menu. These ingredients are:

Integrity – You can trust these ingredients. They are what they state and they will be that the next time you come in too.

Organization – As stated previously, its all there and in the right compartments (placement on the sandwich).

Risk Adverse – We know you are managing your risks (diet), so this sandwich is just right.

Goal Oriented – We know your goal is to satisfy your hunger. This sandwich has that goal in mind.

The spread – To help hold it all together, we spread on a little OCD. 🙂 Enough said.

Bon Appetit

A couple final comments:

Sorry I cannot answer any tax questions. I don’t do taxes (except my own).
This is not us. Despite my attempt at humor in the sandwich, the stereotype below is not us.


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